My Market Response to "Things Are Getting Better"

Jan. 22, 2012 3:53 AM ET
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lone wolf trader; self taught; approx 24,000 trades (lifetime); co-developed financial software (ARGUS);


moved to Latin America and been living "la vida loca" and dropped out of the financial world; came back to milk and honey with the novel corona virus pandemic in full bloom and decided to revisit;

i have been a huge bull since the Aug 11 smashdown and the early Oct 11 smackdown and the Thanksgiving tugdown with across the board buying in each of those periods

in fact, i am an incredible bull with 7 billion people on the planet and 70million per year more

however, these markets are run by intervention and not fundamentals and so i sold 80% of my longs this past week and timidly began initiating my shorts

the FOMC will not make everyone happy next week; why should they when markets are doing 'well'?

my bet is an SnP500 top of 1325 and then reversal with a mar low of 1135 just shy again of a 'bear' market low of 20%, then to the moon by July with a 30% gain to 1450 and holding well thru the election

at the Jan's month end topout, sell calls on any remaining long term core holdings or underwater short term longs

take the names; after earnings season, the suspense fades, reality sets in, and then the Elite can again play the game;  what is the game?  classic pump and dump

think about it; WHO IS SELLING??????????????

Why would ANYBODY sell if the stock was 'guaranteed' to go up the next day, the next week, the next month? 

And the flip side is WHO IS BUYING??????????

Is it the fund manager that sold on Tuesday a sample stock, say AFL for 44 they had a basis in of 40 and they decide to buy back in at 48 because its 52 week high was 58?


It takes weeks and weeks if not months for the trend to set before the fund manager does that.

Or could the sellers be the Elite who bought in the 30's with the Aug/Oct/Nov plunges and knows that 48 is a great exit because technical analysis (TA) charts are showing 50 as 'resistance' on the RSI and 20% above the cross on the 50 and 200 DMA charts.

Let's see.  Run market up.  Doing so clearly supports no FOMC action in Jan meeting.

Market collapse following fun of earnings season and giddiness wears off due to reality and goaded by the Power Elite.

Trading Elite love it.

Buy back all the shares being dumped in Mar after the Jan pump, buy tens of thousandl way out of the money call option contracts for dimes and quarters for July.

Every DOW stock can drop 10-15%.  Without exception.

on the SnP500, some like RCL and X could again drop 30%

the key is to believe; to believe is to say what big picture goals does the Power Elite have and how will they manipulate markets to achieve them?

My central theses are two.

Power Elite wants to extend political dominance over Western world.

Power Elite needs to keep Eastern world making stuff for the Western world.

I am either dead right or dead wrong.  Chase, you wrote in Oct 1994 and again in Sep 2000 the same things.  You said that the Ruling Elite would force a monetary union of European nations which would later evoke a crisis that would enable them to destroy the individual sovereignty of those countries.  You said that China was being harnessed as the mule to artifically keep inflation low by producing goods for the West with slave labor rates.  You said that the currencies would eventually devalue and that precious metals like gold and silver would rise in comparative value.  You forecast that certain sub groups would push Western countries to combat their perceived enemies in the Middle East.

Guess what?  You were right.

Now.  The game is set.  Europe must be heeled with a combined effort of France and Germany.  The stage is set to force France by threatening ANOTHER degradation of their credit rating and to force Germany with becoming an isolated island currency like the Swiss franc whose strength renders their exports very expensive and thus destroys their functional economies.

This must be done with Sarkozy in office and before their presidential election on Apri 22, 2012.  He is a tool of the Elite and was supported by them for this reason.  So catastophre needs to strike and be 'resolved' in Mar.

As for China, I do not know right now.  Will spend time on that this year.

I need to prepare my downdraft stock purchase plans so I am ready for the plunge bottom.


Ok to cover your shorts before the bottom.

And sell the longs in July.

then look out below with lame duck obama in jan 2013

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