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Been out of market this week. Taking a mental stepback breather while working on the condo buy and jetski buy and general cleanup. Hey, I'm not getting any younger and the kids are just getting old enough to really enjoy some of the benefits. Might as well since the future is the future.

Ok. PPT got back in the saddle today. They cannot let the market decay right now.

But a lot of key stocks are not getting their appropriate dose of Mo-Mo juice.

Sure, CAT got zinged but good but I averaged my nibbling shorts of the low 100's with an even out at 113, so ended up around 107. And IBM, the PPT certainly kept them in reserve and then hauled them out with a runup just faltering south of 195.

However, DE, BA, GD, CVX, COP, XOM, all faltering. Not quite topping, but faltering.

Now, since these markets are all globally run with political aims in mind by the Power Elite, understand that they still need a mainline of the real McCoy of Go-Go juice and not just the mickey mouse words.

The Trading Elite know it and are primed to help with the rug pull.

It HAS to come late this month or early March. Why?????

The Power Elite has now solidified Obama's re-election. They know that to take over the USA they need 3 more Supreme Court justices and that is that. 230 years down the drain once and for all.

And the gullible sheep called americans will swallow it just like the Brits, the Canucks, the Aussies and of course the spineless Continentals did long ago.

What do they need to completely and totally eliminate any chance of Romney? First of all, he's Mormon and to a lot of people that is a big RED X. My only experience with them 30 years ago was exceptionally unpleasant and I consider them yet another dangerous 'tribe' here burrowed deep in the American skin. But, do not worry. Obama will prevail. Why?

Because the HINT of more monetary stimulus on Jan 25 simply setup the March meeting announcement. Only, a runaway stock market is not what the Power Elite wants because they know it will collapse IN FRONT OF THE ELECTION MONTH OF NOVEMBER if permitted to go hogwild right now.

No. The Power Elite knows we need a RESET. Not a calamity, but a RESET and then truly off to the races with bogus unemployment numbers and the rest of the BS data spewed forth like the Keno games in the casino restaraunts.

I think TA will cut off this current advance short of what I had mused about when I considered the possibility of mid 1300's. I do not see it.

Instead, I believe 1330-1335 or so will mark a current cap probably to coincide with the tailoff in Q4 2011 earnings. As of today, approx half of the SnP500 have reported and the take is that their significantly weaker than Q3 2011 and that the earnings growth rate is way down.

In fact, AAPL counts for about 13% of the total improvement, so take out Apple and it doesn't look real good. Just to show how desperate the PPT have been, this January was the best increase in 15 years (since Jan 97) AND on the lowest volume since Jan 1999 with under 800 million daily average as opposed to twice that for 2011.

Yep Chaserooni, PPT. Bloody SOB's and thieves stealing the world blind and pushing the less fortunate into a trough of real hell in order to achieve their political domination. It is bad.

But, from a trader's perspective I must remain objective.

We'll be at over 80% reported by the end of next week. Since it usually takes about three weeks to wind down a good PPT meltup with some yankup and a fair amount of pullup, my guess and/or bet is that we peak next Thursday, 9 Feb 2012, at 1333 or so and then begin the dropoff. My assumption is that it will accelerate around the 22nd-23rd and pick up serious steam when Congress fails to extend the two month payroll tax cuts expiring on 29 Feb 2012.

This also portends something interesting for year end 2012. I think neither party will do much about the Bush tax cuts, particularly with an Obama win. My gut is that the rank and file know that Romney with a $300 million fortune stands zero chance of electoral victory and they would prefer for anything bad to be associated with the winner.

So I envision a serious peakup after the dropdown but no smashdown or even smackdown of late Feb, early March. But then, man oh man, better bail on the longs around election time and setup the shorts.

For now, I mean there are idiots buying CMG at 390 but they will diminish with any hint of topping.

And this is good said God (our favorite Chosen ones).

A swift kick in the side and we get a tumble down to 1245-50 and that can be a sufficient backdrop for the Power Elite's planned Fed stimulus coming on the heels of a hoped for but not realized last minute tax cut extension. The oils will not drop as much, the overheated industrial runups like DE, CAT, DAL, IR, etc will drop 8-10-15% boom!! Also, the puts the Trading Elite are buying cheaply on the real mo-mo kings like CMG, AAPL will make them a tidy sum, and watch for volume on those way OTM puts, a reall clue.

You mistakenly sold too soon the majority of your positions and failed to ride to the top out. Why? Have to analyze that more.