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The gut stocks are not climbing, they are dropping.

These SOB's are simply unbelievable. First, let's manufacture purely BS employment stats.

Then keep it up with claims data that cannot possibly go up because there are only so many people that can be fired over a four year period.

The rate of employment to population is the lowest it has been in 76 years.

Momentum. Get the goose going with PPT action early in January. Then suppress the release of any real news, goose the oil market with Zionist saber rattling (of course the bad guys are the other guys, always) which has zero possibility because they will not risk Obama's reelection. That is reserved for 2013.

But it gets the oil equities soaring and that keeps the image of the market along with AAPL and the other cabal of mo-mo stocks going.

However there is zero probability of this market going up 15 points per week for the next 35 weeks until the nov election. That would be 1800 snp 500 and even the Power Elite's incredible abilities to spin pure BS cannot accomplish that.

So the reset must come.

We may be at the spike into the reset. It has to come. The Power Elite knows it. Better to snap down to now no less than 1305-10 and rocket up to 1490, then tail off. There is enough TA support to pull it off and once the oil rhetoric dies down, it will be replaced by financials, again.

For me, I may just sit the BS out. Cover my shorts and say F-U power elite just like I did last year.

and wait.