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And Another Doors Favorite... "Hello, How Are You And Do You Know My Name?"

what could be the significance of that title?

the melt up market is the hello, how are you

and the resulting confluence of really bad things is the

do you know my name part

if you take out the mindless runup in AAPL, it really does have an impact on just how lopsided this hoistup has been

in fact, the old standby tweakers were rolled out by the PPT and Trading Elite crowd on Friday just to insure that this nonsense continues

goosed CAT to over 116, then some erosion; same with IBM to just shy of 198, same thing with erosion

virtually all of oil equities are for the most part 5-10% below where there were with last year's oil price runup

nope, brent at 125/ light crude at 110/ heavy crude at 85, you got a real backbreaker on oil pricing; add to that the continuing drama unfolding with the global tsunami of debt, you know what...


yep, it is coming hang in there

anything that is remotely real is having a very difficult time breaking through

like X and F, just sitting or sliding back

monday is short day some more