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Again, Read And Review

Sep 20. My several blogs that day really captured the sense of what was taking place.

I called for final selloff within 10 trading sessions, it happened on the 9th and 10th sessions.

I called for bigtime runup in 2012 so buy buy buy. Which I did.

Simply sold too soon in January because of thoughts that a rug pull would set the stage for FOMC action.

I failed to analyze properly the backdoor of the Europe situation and how this would affect world equity markets.

Market came up 300 points over 6 1/2 months sep2010 thru feb2011, then some ups and downs until the august smashdown.

Market has come up 270 points over 5 months oct2011 thru feb2012 and is ready for some ups and downs with a top of at 1450 until the january/february 2013 smashdown.

A small reset now would serve well as the base for that runup.