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By Golly Gee Whiz

Ok. So AAPL has not yet found the heartbeat plunge, but I have faith.

As for the rest of my late night calls made early today, I was spot on for 5 of them and close on 4 more.

Now. Now. Now Now; we get to see how the Greek thing twists and turns.

A 95% down day. Rare.

Setup is in good form. Wait.

Why was I correct on many calls? Simple. This was a very carefully orchestrated letdown. Nothing smackdown about it.

No. Engineered would be polite. Channeled to a dotted i and crossed t.

The correct way to understand is as the motormouths said, 'across the board' but well managed, not fury, no fuss, no muss. Nothing messy about it.

Take SPG for example. Like a light trim on the whiskers. No. This was perfectly choreographed and watch how the conductors finish this grand symphony.

I covered shorts, I bought long, I closed calls. I boxed some calls where I had shorts rubbing my hands together in glee.

God I love the TPTB. You guys just keep on keeping on.