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The Turn

the turn is in and the best thing for crushing this insane central bank/govt interventions is for the "market" to actually realize that financial machinations do not make a real economy and thus lose the programmed algorithmic hope factor when the technical reality does not move the needle back into 'bull' territory;

in fact, as one very chagrined over the failed policies of apparatchik central planning, i am hoping the us central bank does nothing because the resulting 'rally' will NOT regain the May 2015 momentum and instead will accelerate its plunge more so than if the central bank does something;

a classic box or roach motel and the 65 trillion in global sovereign debt will underscore the collapse of the global growth model and that is what is happening; the n225 volatility today illustrates the bounce that the risk-off created with a technical oversold and will now settle and close back under 18k along with the s&p500 closing back under 1900 next week; from there we will break the 1800 and free fall/ air pocket into the 1700's which absolutely lights the fire under the algos;

if world leaders would just let the combination of pop growth, tech advancement, and human desire to improve their childrens' future and stop this hedonistic growth at all costs, the global economy would be bursting at the seams with real results in the 3rd decade of this century; i can only hope for mine that the proximate upheaval does not create armed conflict