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Steady As She Goes

My forecast is correct. TPTB will not permit market to breach the 1900 line. Even though death is at the door of many notable real company stocks, the juice is being given to the new age IP asset bunch with multiples in the stratosphere that insures it evens out the decline in other stocks that produce real goods like energy, materials, etc.

No. BS is the main market game.

The next phase is being set. True destruction of the global monetary system thru elimination of national currency cash by negative interest rates. BUY PM. Miner stock out of the money calls, selling Jan17 puts ITM, some etf, stay away from contracts but buy silver 100 oz bars which are a bargain right now. Forget gold coins other than at local pawn shops where you can inspect with cash in hand.

The non return sensitive buyer for stock buybacks is about to go belly up. The last two quarters have exceeded 100% of FCF for S&P500 buyers. Nearly $6 trillion of stock since the '09 and now the chickens are going to lay an egg.

So, global central bank intervention will now go whirlybird.