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Americans Pay Six Times More For Healthcare Than The Same Quality In India.


Forget about the extra 30,000 troops, the secret hand-outs to Goldman Sachs and the Financial Reforms that will achieve nothing; forget about the trillions of dollars of debt that is being piled on with almost none of that getting onto main street.


What ordinary Americans will really grow up to hate Barack Obama for, is healthcare.


He had a moment of opportunity, he caved. As a do-nothing-for-Americans President, beholden to the special interests that control the country, he may well go down in history in the same hole in the ground that George Bush slithered into.


What Americans want and America desperately needs is a health system they can afford. Their current system is unaffordable; the reason for that is because procedures in USA cost more than six times what they cost in countries where the free market is allowed to operate.


I checked the cost of an MRI Brain scan, same procedure; same quality:


  • USA Average (six internet quotes)                                            $675
  • UK Private Hospital Average                                                    $300
  • Dubai Private Hospital (where I live)                                         $200
  • India Tata Memorial Mumbai (one of the best in India)  $110


If you are sick in America the best deal is to leave America, if you are so sick that you can’t leave, then they got you.


Don’t think either that it is the technology and high quality radiologists in USA that cost so much (there is no evidence they are any better), the same goes for the drugs, the nursing staff, and the doctors who are protected against any form of competition by government mandate.


Why is that? All I can say about that is that even the most skilled lobbyist will have to admit that in America the special interest groups own the politicians. The details of how that branch of crony capitalism work, are just that, details.


It’s something to do with Tort (not even addressed in the new Bill), something to do with the profits of pharmaceutical and medical insurance companies; something to do with immigration policy, it’s a lot to do with bureaucratic waste and corruption of Medicare.


Who cares? Whatever it is that forces Americans to pay such extraordinary prices for medical care, it’s clearly nothing to do with the government that was elected to protect the rights of individuals and that promised “change”.


Prior to the housing crisis the main cause of personal bankruptcy in USA was medical costs, now the cost of medicine is threatening to bankrupt the whole nation. Did the new Health Reform Bill change any of that?


Not one bit, nothing changed.

Discolosure: No Positions


Disclosure: "No Positions"