Nickle Exploration In Greenland, Banking On Rare New Discoveries

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Studied: Power Engineering, Exploration Technology, Worked Upstream, Midstream, Downstream in Oil and Gas, Pipelines, Drilling, Refineries. Regardless of our desire for clean energy, oil makes things and is the building block of any economy. From production to transport to refining its the lifeblood of our lifestyle and we will likely pay more for it in the future as the USD looses its advantage as the worlds only reserve currency. The USD has likely peaked and will soon rollover and as it does the commodities will see a boom over several years. I'm Interested in very big picture, game changers that come from sizeable economic deposits of Oil, Gas, Gold, Silver, Uranium, Specialty Metals used in supplying Energy Infrastructure. CAVEATS: Anything dubbed "EXPLORATION" should always be considered high "RISK" Capital and never larger than a single digit % of your entire portfolio. (Please re-read that sentence, its important) I don't offer investment advice, I generate compelling ideas that if they were to work out as promoted 'could' offer returns above average. The caveat being that exploration in gold, oil, silver, uranium, rarely nets a commercial operation that pays shareholders back, so you can trade them, and speculate in them, but don't count on them to save you as they are only intended as a low % holding that has good risk/reward return if the thesis works out. Your odds might be 2/100 for gold exploration, 3/100 for oil, so keep that in mind before plunking down your life savings. I try to weed out stories that have no hope, and shortlist ones that do. Focus areas; Oilsands, Oil Shale in North Dakota, Natural Gas in Canada, Colorado, Texas, North Island New Zealand, Australia, Uranium in Saskatchewan, Texas. Metals Mining in Nevada, British Columbia, Mexico. Thorium as a substitute for Uranium. Oil Exploration in proven formations in WSCB, Colorado, West Texas, Southern Saskatchewan, North Dakota, and select riskier emerging locations in Africa, Albania, Colombia, Argentina. Hydraulic Fracturing, Frac Sand Technologies, Oil Well Services and Horizontal Drillers. Natural Gas fired power plants and infrastructure, LNG Infrastructure, Terminals, LNG Shipping (LNG Shipping, Pipelines. North American OIL Pipelines, to and from Oilsands Producers, Refineries. OIL deposits organized by basin, geological name, or reserve size. Operate a startup blog called which aims to summarize the above topics using info graphics and charts for the layperson interested in adding oil and gas investments with a 2-3 year horizon. I approach from the Basin upward, do consult your own advisors before spending a dime on any of my ideas presented here. Remember I am just some guy you found on the internet, so do your own homework before you trade and be 100% responsible for your own risks and rewards. I repeat Most of what I present should only ever be 1-5% or less of your portfolio as its mostly unproven exploration projects nearing completion of validating reserves or resources. That being said I try to filter the projects by their upside potential with an emphasis on 'potential' to beat traditional investments if the story turns to fact via the drillbit.

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First here is a quick infographic on why we need nickel and its many uses.


Since VMS owns a large % of NAN, I have included both companies here. VMS is mainly focused in Ontario and Manitoba, while NAN has a 100% owned exploration play for Nickle in Greenland.

Pay attention to the cycle below, you want to "BUY" in the Orphan Period and sell in the "Full Value" period. Sounds simple enough but its like predicting the weather. All you need know is the Instititional Investment comes in after the Ophan period...and we may be there at the start of the upward trend in early 2014. So read on and make your own mind up whether the world needs Nickle and if this play turns into a mine you are in on the ground floor. The ride up the fun part of the curve is your objective.

  • North American Nickel has 100% ownership of Maniitsoq.
  • Historical data is available ($10M +); historical drilling and further exploration data from both Cominco and Falconbridge.
  • Excellent share structure. VMS Ventures owns 23.9% and The Sentient Group owns 39.04% of NAN.
  • Access to capital.
  • Excellent technical team with relevant experience.
  • Secure political jurisdiction and year round exploration potential.
  • New technologies in "old" camp work: Approximately 100 VTEM targets from Helicopter-borne surveys.
  • Regional setting permits year-round exploration.
  • Second phase of drilling was completed in 2013 with 25 drill holes and 4266.5 m drilled; significant intersections have been encountered at Imiak Hill.

On October 4, 2007 VMS Ventures announced the discovery of a near surface zone of high-grade copper mineralization on their Reed Lake property in the Flin Flon-Snow Lake greenstone belt in central Manitoba. The Reed Copper Deposit occurs approximately 45 km west-southwest of the Town of Snow Lake where active mining and milling of base and precious metals has been ongoing for decades.

The copper-rich intersection was achieved in the second drill hole testing a coincident airborne (VTEM) EM and magnetic anomaly. The drill hole recorded 10.50 metres of 11.19% copper within 43.05 metres of 4.38% copper. Drill programs since that time have delineated 2.55 million tonnes @ 4.52% copper in the indicated category. The resource is described in Table 1. The deposit can be accessed via a ramp and ore trucked to the Hudbay concentrator in Flin Flon.

Table 1. Description of the Reed Copper Deposit resource and contained metal.

On July 5, 2010 VMS Ventures signed a Joint Venture Agreement with HudBay Minerals Inc. (TSX: HBM) covering the copper-rich Reed Lake Discovery Zone. Under the agreement, HudBay has a 70% interest and VMS has a 30% interest. Hudbay will act as operator of the joint venture with authority and discretion as to the exploration and potential development of the property and will have exclusive rights to purchase and market the ore produced from the property. Hudbay will also provide full financing for the Company's proportionate share of the costs to explore and develop the property, which will be repayable solely from the Company's share of cash flow generated by the project.

All exploration and development activities will be determined and monitored through a management committee comprised of representatives from HudBay Minerals and VMS Ventures Inc. Hudbay will be the operator of the project. Preliminary production from the deposit is scheduled for Q4 of 2013 with full production of 1300 tonnes per day commencing by Q1 of 2014.

- See more at:




4 opportunity/default.aspx#sthash.nJKp8qtG.dpuf

  • North American Nickel has 100% ownership of Maniitsoq which is in Greenland.
  • Excellent share structure. VMS Ventures owns 23.9% and The Sentient Group owns 39.04% of NAN.

Disclosure: I am long WSCRF.

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