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Week In Review – June 17, 2012: Return Of The Melt-Up

*Note: Performance has been updated for our ATAC Composites through the end of May, and can be seen on the homepage of our website at

Markets followed through on their strong performance from the week before last in front of Greek elections, as optimism continued to return to risk assets on the realization that investors have overreacted to the "end of the world" trade. Reports came out that global central banks stood ready to intervene again should things worsen, reminding everyone that central bank paranoia over a 2008 repeat remains high. In my BNN interview I talked about this idea at length, making the case I have made over the past two weeks that reflation appears to be returning to investor psyche ( Ed Dempsey also discussed this and more in his latest market update, available at

As I stated was likely to happen, our ATAC (Accelerated Time And Capital) models which positioned our clients largely into stocks during the first quarter, and went defensively into bonds starting in April, have now sent a strong "risk-on into stocks" signal. We positioned our client accounts into equity positions as reflation expectations returned through various intermarket trends and relationships. With fewer and fewer excuses for stocks to drop in the near-term, it appears that we could be entering another "melt-up" similar to the Fall Melt-Up of last year.

Meanwhile, the Spring Switch out of bonds and into stocks appears to have been flipped. If deflation expectations are on the way out in the near-term, then a "Great Re-Allocation" may be at hand as I have been arguing would likely be the case post mini-correction of May. This means further gains in stocks can continue as the negative narrative gets questioned in the face of 1) stocks which continue to have better income potential than bonds at today's yields, and 2) the one-sided trade of fear. It also means that a real chase by traders who have lagged their benchmarks could begin.

We remain optimistic and are excited for the months ahead, particularly given the strong results our clients in our ATAC Composites are experiencing. With bearish sentiment still significant, an unwind of the bear trade could result in a significant move ahead for equities, consistent with everything Ed Dempsey and I have been saying since the beginning of the year. We remain believers that further gains could shock most who think it impossible for stocks to make new all-time highs. Until 2012 is over, we remain of the belief that this is a higher probability than most think.

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Michael A. Gayed, CFA
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