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Turn the Decline In the Dollar to Your Advantage.

|Includes: ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury ETF (TBT)

 Here's a takeover story. The US has been the buyer of last resort for the broken banking, auto and insurance industries. Now with $11 trillion in debt and interest payments the 3rd largest expense item in the budget, the overleveraged US looks like the next acquisition candidate. Who will take out the US?

There are several scenarios.

1.Start son of TARP and have it take out Tarp.

2.Sell ourselves to another country. Any takers? They'd have to do a restructuring. 

3.Start a new model- perhaps a new currency or a reverse split on the dollar?

Take America public. Sell our assets( beyond Treasuries) to foreign governments to retire or reduce the debt.

Do these sound ridiculous? In order to balance the budget, revenues have to grow much quicker than expenses. Can this happen naturally? It can't, which is why taxes have only one way to go- up -  the only way to make the top line grow significantly.

By 2019 the US national debt will be $23.2 trillion, approximately 100% of GDP. The US is on track to go bankrupt within the next 10 years.

Since our job is to identify change and position ourselves in front of it, we can turn all of this to our advantage.

Among countries and regions that are expected to be economically sound in the next decade are China, Russia, Middle East and Canada. How can we benefit from their fiscal responsibility?

Global debt sales from Asia are surging.  We suggest keeping your eye on this market. It looks attractive, if early. We like the combination of the currency play, the upside participation through converts and the strength of those economies. For now, we would stick strictly to short term maturities. Continue to buy currencies of Asian economies. Short the dollar. One option is the Pro Shares Ultra Short 20 year Treasury Fund (NYSEARCA:TBT).