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World Markets that are coupled to the SP-500

The following are charts of some of the world markets that seem to be joined at the hip to the SP-500. I believe it's telling that these are the European and American markets. The Indian market has a somewhat more volatile correlation though it does follow in the same path. It would seem to imply then, that the fortunes of these markets/countries are hostage to the dollar and the USA bond market. IMHO the USA equity market is subservient to the dollar and the USA bond market. For me going forward, it will be interesting to see the performance of these markets as the Treasury continues with it's tsunami of bond sales and as the USA debt (but not to that extent their debt) continues to rise.

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 Below I am posting charts comparing performance of these markets vs the dollar.

Looking at the above charts I wonder if it's only the US Fed that wants a cheap dollar. 

All charts created with Telechart TC2007 and none of this is investement or trading advice of any sort. These are just my opinions and observations.