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Where are the Stocks You Promised ?

|Includes: Schlumberger Limited (SLB)

On my pay for performance blog , I talk about offering stock picks for free with the option of donating if you make money .

I have had more than one follower ask why there are no stock picks recently.

My answer to them is ask the market! Right now I don't see very much value in the overall market. I thought that the oil stocks specifically Schlumberger (NYSE:SLB) were undervalued a few weeks ago .

Since then SLB has rallied eight points to $ 60.00 per share from its June,1 price of $52.00 per share . 

I personally believe that the price of oil will be heading back up to $ 100.00 in the next few years , and that SLB stands to benefit from this. However,  I am not going to overpay for this great company .

Right now my outlook for the market is limited to no more than three months out , and right now that has been more like one month.

To be good at the investment game, one needs to be willing to make adjustments along the way . The market deals the cards , you are the player .

Play wisely. I will do my best to help you become a better player.


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