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Is anyone really interested?

The mothers, wives and girlfriends feel it. The men sense it, but do not want to believe it. There is something wrong. Where is this economic crisis going? It seems too long! It seems too deep! It seems too international! People are beginning to lose faith in their ability to sell anything or the real worth of what they have. They are getting afraid to buy anything new.

Who knows what is really going on and what the solution is?

They are losing faith in the media, bankers or politicians. They are losing confidence.

Is there really someone in control? Is there really a conspiracy?

Well to save you thinking more I can give you the answers but you may not want to hear them.

Yes there is a conspiracy. Yes the Federal Reserve and the major banks are involved. Yes nearly all your top politicians are involved. Yes the CIA are everywhere trying to control and spread disinformation and fear, see the involvement of the CIA in attempt to kill  Evo Morales of Bolivia on . Yes the CIA control the media, see 'US News Media Fails America, Again' on See Adrian Salbuchi's videos on this site. Read Matthias Chang on, see,  read the books Legacy of the Ashes about the CIA, read the Memoirs of an economic hitman by Perkins, see The Opal Files on the net etc etc etc. It is all there for you to see and read. It is corroborated.

What is really happening in respect of narco trafficking in Mexico, what is happening in Somalia, what is happening in Pakistan and Aftganistan? Is it part of the same game with the same players and the same distortion by the media?

Who was responsible for the bombing in Mumbai, September 11th, the killing of the Mexican politician, the industrialist in Bolivia? Are they the same people?

Why was the G20 meeting so stage managed to try and show different factions but so organised to get them all to agree that our future lord and master will be the IMF and it will be responsible for printing the new world money? Why were there so many eulogies towards the IMF by the President of the Chinese Central Bank, and Obama towards Lula de Silva?

Why is the private Federal Reserve in control of the world reserve currency and above reproach when it dishes out billions to its own shareholders?

We are all experiencing and seeing the economic events unfolding but we are not seeing them in the media. We are becoming worried that Obama now has the power to take away free speech, the Internet and fill the newly built concentration camps with dissenters, such as those labelled narco traffickers in Mexico. Why are they now changing the ammunition so that it cannot be used for the existing guns and putting more restrictions? Why has the private Fed, not the Government, the new ability to take over whatever financial company, or hedge fund, it considers to be a threat?

We can all talk but where is it leading us? Nowhere. Because it is us being led. We are the ones that agreed to our financial slavery by these masters because we thought that we were in control of our destinies.

Well the problem is that the conspiracy plan has been too successful. They have produced for themselves too much money and left us all, and the economies, without money, without direction, without ambition. They, who have spread the false economic doctrines from Harvard etc, do not understand the economics!!! Even their companies are going bankrupt and are in severe problems. Their only hope is to start a world war to take the pressure off of them and give the excuse to wipe the slate clean and start again. The 1st world became too developed, they need to destroy it to give the opportunity for future economic growth.

They, the conspirators, are now exposed. There is now an avalanche of people who are beginning to believe in the conspiracy theory. Those that do not are now being considered the cronies, the idiots, the madmen.

What are the real economic theories and if there are any then what are the solutions? I believe that I have the theories that work but you can decide that. Look at my book on and see that I wrote this book 10 years ago and it absolutely predicted this crisis and explains nearly every aspect of it in simple terms and in a way that you can understand and believe. Look at my articles on this web site and and and make up your own mind.

But what are the conclusions?

There is no solution for the 1st world because unemployment will surpass the anarchy levels of 25% because there has been severe economic distortion, over thirty years, producing huge service based economies and over-dimensioned housing construction and finance industries. To try and ameliorate this then great effort has to be put in to develop the 3rd world. There has to be a financial system outside of the banking system for all non consumer finance, see my article 'Money - there is no alternative to the alternative' There has to be a stop or absolute control for ALL international investment flows. The world currency must be the world exports and each country should have a credit of their previous exports to buy imports; any excess or deficiency to be traded in the market like carbon bonds.
The dollar will disappear and be replaced by another currency like the much discussed Amero.  

Unless very positive action is taken now then there will be widespread anarchy and insecurity. The problem is that your leaders will not take the action even if they knew what action is to be taken. They are controlled as has been shown by them all working together to kill Switzerland and support the corrupt and political IMF.

The only hope I believe is an anarchy vaccine to stop the anarchy epidemic. Like in Thailand the people have to take over and show to other countries what could happen if the politicians keep suporting the unsupportable banks and the rich and not the people.

Do you really understand what capitalism is? I was an actuary and capitalisation is the current value of a future income stream from an asset such as a bond or house discounted by a rate of interest, and the risk of the income being paid. But the capitalists forgot to take into account the risk. They think that reducing the interest rate should produce higher capital values but if there is default on a bond or equity then the value is zero. If it is impossible to rent the house or building then the value is more highly negative because the maintenance, tax and security costs are discounted at lower rates of interest!!!!! Capitalism is dead because there cannot be a real assessment of risk in a depression such as this.

The only type of solution can come from YOU, yes YOU, YOU and YOU. YOU cannot hide. YOU have to do something, but first we have to try and get the people to agree on the economics and understand where we have been, and where we are, before we can possibly decide on what we need, to go to where we want to go.

Let us work together. Let us get organised. Hopefully Jason Rines of will soon have a system to be able to qualitively analyse debates and for the best ideas to float to the surface. We need something like that but if YOU have better ideas PLEASE, PLEASE send them urgently.

God help us.