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Losing "Face" Over Hummer

Sichuan Heavy Industrial Company boldly asserts that it will be allowed to take over America's Hummer. The Chinese environmental authorities aver that they can block the deal. One of them is going to have egg on their face because that's not how things are done in that country.

China is a country that prides itself on social harmony, and generally avoids open conflict. Yes, struggles take place behind the scenes. But they are usually resolved there, usually with some kind of brokered settlement, and the two parties present a united front in public.

Hence it is highly unusual for either party to a dispute to claim victory before the issue is resolved.Sichuan Heavy probably has some high-placed connection on the Central Committee of the Politburo that will push the deal through.The environmental authorities, meanwhile, are relying on the rule of law, which probably doesn't exist in China.  Most disputes are solved through the deployment of "Guanxi" which loosely "translates" into relationships. A better depiction might be "Godfather" whose Godfafther is the stronger, and more willing to use his influence on your behalf?

Only one thing is for sure. One of the parties will lose, and lose big. In China, a "loss" is not merely a "lost cause," it represents a loss of face for all future endeavors. The losing party is going to be "crippled" for some time to come.