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"Don't Cry For Me Argentina"

Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina can say this. He has an Argentine "honey." So can the Kirschners, Senor and Senora, whose "co-presidency of the country came to an end last night, with a lost election.

The original subject of this song, was  of course, Evita Peron. As Eva Duarte, she was a radio announcer (in the 1930s), whose pronouncements could make or break Presidential candidates. Like her future husband, Colonel Juan Peron. Arguably, they were the modern world's, or at least Argentina's first co-presidency. He reigned and she ruled. Kind of the like the Kirschners. After Mrs. Peron died first, of cancer, the Mr. couldn't hold onto his office. So we know who was the real power.

The ancient Romans had a saying: "Strange things come out of [North] Africa." The Americans, Latin as well as North, might say, "Strange things come out of Argentina."

The tango for one. But more than just a merry dance. Quite a few merry dancers. Who have impacts on some other countries.