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Unionizing Bank Tellers

I feel for bank tellers. I really do. They have a thankless, monotonous job, counting and handing money over to people like yours truly, and handling much more of it than most of them will ever have themselves. And worse, their livelihoods are threatened by automated teller machines (ATM's). Do analysts (yet) have to worry about automated analyst machines?

Comes now a service workers union, who wants to unionize the tellers of Bank of America (NYSE:BAC). Of course, they want to unionize ALL tellers, but they' be happy to start with BAC. After all, this is a poorly managed bank with a greedy and unpopular management who has been able to step on just about everyone's toes, including the Fed, So why shouldn't Ken Lewis' workers be unionized, so they can get a piece of the bounty he distributes to himself?

Seems like an easy target. It's so easy to say that "the enemy of my enemy" is my friend. Except when you are in management (which most subscribers basically are). Then you might not want to see a union get a foothold, even in BAC, or the banking industry itself. Makes you want to treat your tellers better to avoid this.

Because once the process gets started, who knows where it will stop?