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Obama: Let's Make a Deal on Health Care

President Obama is going to ask for hospitals and other health care providers to accept reduced payments from Medicaid and Medicare, so he can fund basic care. In return, he will pretty much leave them alone. It's a trade most of them are willling to make.

Obama seems to have gotten it, that health care is really about cost, not coverage. Reduce the cost sufficiently, and coverage will "miraculously" spread. Keep costs high, and coverage will remain low; unless it is mandated that is. And that may take more force than is currently allowed the President by the U.S. constititution.

In being willing to "horse trade" om health care. Obama has shown a certain flexibility, quite unlike his handling of the auto crisis. He's now willing to give up something to get what he wants. If he keeps up in his recent vein, he may be quite tolerable, even though we didn't vote for him.