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The Four Generations Economic Model

James Quinn put out a better presentation, but here's our version of the generational economic model, based on the work of the late William Strauss and (surviving) Neil Howe. There are four kinds of generations: Idealist, Reactive, Civic and Adaptive. Boomers, and other generations born after major wars are Idealists. The next group are reactives, such as Generation X. The children, two generations after the Idealists are civics, such as the so-called Millennials. The children of the reactives, born two generations later, are adaptives, called the Homelanders.

In the past cycle, the four generations were the Missionaries (our term is Rendezvous With Destiny) of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Lost Generation (which includes Ben Graham and David Dodd), the GI or World War II Generation (General Westmoreland, Robert McNamara and every President from Kennedy to Bush Sr.),and Silent (now elderly economic leaders such as Alan Greenspan, Warren Buffett and Robert Rubin).