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The Four "Turnings"

There are also four types of time periods, or turnings. In the first turning, 1946-1964, elderly Lost led the way, with Boom children, and the World War II and Silent generations in between. In the second turning, from 1965-1979, GIs were old, Gen-Xers were young, with Silents and Boomers in between. The third turning, from 1980-1999,  had aging Silent economic leaders, child Millennials, with Boomers and Xers in between. The fourth turning, 2000-(?) will feature Boomers getting old, young Homelanders being born, and Gens X and Y in between.

The first turning features peace and prosperity following a recent war. The second turning is filled with upheaval questioning the value of the peace and prosperity. The third turning is a "second wind" that leads to social unravelling (e.g. rising income inequality). The fourth turning is a major crisis, usually featuring a war, and preceded by economic stress such as a depression. We are now going through a depression-like period typical of a fourth turning that could lead to a major war.

History then features the interactions of the various generations with the respective turnings.