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The Launching of Sarah Palin

After her surprise resignation as governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has wasted no time launching her future. She did so with a diatribe against "cap and trade" (which she reasonably calls "cap and tax."). As the (lame duck) governor of an energy-rich state, she probably has more to say on this issue than most others.

In so doing, she has defined her political style. She is planning to operate as an "activist" rather than as a member of the "Establishment" (even though she is no stranger to the latter). It is a style best exemplified by Ross Perot (who had a real shot at the Presidency) and almost a century ago, by Wisconsin's Robert LaFollette.

We're not sure what she wants, and perhaps, neither is she. Palin may need time to find herself politically, and that may be the real reason for shirking the day-to-day duties of governing. The move is reassuring in one respect, and that is her tacit admission that she can't "do it all," an issue that we felt was not fully addressed last fall.

Some would say that she should serve out her term as governor, that the experience will do her good. That is probably true of most people. But Sarah Palin is an "action" woman. What she lacks in intellectual brillance, she may well make up for in the ability to "get there firstest with the mostest." In any event, she (a Generation Xer) is better than most at determining for herself where the "action" is, and how best she can get into it.