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GI (World War II) Generation

You won a world war as youngsters, landed a man on the moon in your middle age, and profited from the economic boom launched by your own Ronald Reagan in your "young-old" years. If any generation did it all, yours did.

Like today's Millennials, you were good, high-achieving kids, compared to your elders. After winning World War II (a "college" education in itself), you finished college in record time, then launched the nation on its only recent period of true prosperity. The "moonwalk" (executed by younger people like Neil Armstrong), was just the icing on the cake.

Through it all, your "goverment issue" generation trusted government more than most, and government trusted you. You didn't exactly approve of the machinations of poeple like Robert McNamara and Richard Nixon (the latter, a truly evil man), but you stood by them longer than your children (or elders). When their policies discredited your leadership, you largely retired from public life, on social security (provided by your goverment), except for a "rear guard" like Ronald Reagon and George Bush Sr.

The one task you have not been good at is being "elders." Yes, you are old, but at heart, this is a young generation. That's why some of the survivors got caught up in the tech boom and lost their shirts.   But your main failing is that you see (and treat) other generations as younger versions of yourselves. With one exception out of four (the Millennials), that's simply not true, which is why your leadership counts for less than it's probably worth.