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Why America Isn't Sharing in the Good Fortune of Corporate America

The fortunes of corporate America have pretty much recovered from the 2008-09 crash. Profitability is close to 2007 peaks, and should cross that level sometime this year. Corporate cash balances, meanwhile, are at an all time high.

But you wouldn't guess this from looking at what is happening the rest of America. Unemployment,while off its peak, is nowhere near 2007 levels. For stockholders, meanwhile, dividendshave lagged the rebound in profits, and may not challenge record levels.

So who are the beneficiaries of the prosperity of American corporations if not Americans? A lot of it is taking place overseas, where American companies are finding new customers and hiring new workers. Capital is "trapped" outside our borders, as well, because of the prospect of heavy taxation. American corporations are flush with cash, but they are not spending it here in America.

The U.S. government needs to do more to incentivize American companies to do more at home. A "tax holiday" on repatriation would help. So would the restoration of an investment tax credit. But the biggest boost to hiring, might be tax credits for new hires.