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Advantages of Having "Government" (Sponsored) Doctors

In a previous post, I suggested allowing doctors the option of being regulated (and paid) by government agencies such as Medicare, Medicaid, the National Insitute of Health, or any other agency that Congress would see fit to establish, in exchange for being absolved from civil liability as long as they were performing to goverment mandated standards. In this post, I would discuss some advantages of having government sponsored doctors.

1) Government sponsored doctors would probably be at the core of a national health program, whereby such doctors would be "steered" into specialilties, such as pediactrics or general practice, that were particularly needed.

2) Medical care could be provided to poorer parts of the country, such as Appalachia, or targeted partsof the country e.g. the GO (Gulf Opportunity) Zone, following Hurricane's Katrina and Rita  using government sponsored doctors.

3) Poor, but talented students could have the expenses of their medicatl education paid for by the government in return for performing the services of goverment sponsored doctors for a period, say ten, years. 

Doctors need not do all of their work for the government, only, say, 80%, leaving them room to establish specialties that might lead them to their next job. On the other hand, some might choose to be "government" doctors for life.