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Wall Street's Interests, and Yours

Wall Street's interests are hardly the same as yours. That should be painfully apparent to anyone who has lost money following Wall Street's advice; which is why we almost never use it, except in some very specific circumstances..

Wall Street doen't put out good forecasts because it has no interest in doing so. Anyithing investors know means less money for their "prop" desks. Any number of people on this site are better forecasterst than Wall St. Besides, Wall Street makes its money on the volume of trading, not the returns those trades generate. (Mutual funds, though techically on the buy side, have gone too much the same way.)

What is Wall Street's level of interest? About the same as a casino's. They want you to win just enough to come back for more. Over time, the average investor's stock returns have approximated those of a passbook savings account. That's just enough to meet this requirement.