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Health Care Proposals Diminish Obama's Popularity

Obama's popularity is finally declining. And that appears to be as a result of his health care proposals.

The "average" person understands that the Democrats' health care proposals are too costly for the average person. The fact that the "rich" will be asked to pick up most of the tab doesn't change the perception. The "average" person hopes to be rich someday, and reasonably sees health care as a privilege,and not a right.The American public is showing good sense.

The greatest burdens will probably fall on the elderly, who are already protected by Medicare and Medicaid. Providing much more health care for younger people will inevitably mean less health care for them. It could even create an implied  "duty to die" for oldsters.

Most people realize that they can get by without health care until they are old. And "old age" safety net is one that people most look forward to. Expanding the net to cover more young people would just fray it for the old. And since most  people can expect to become old, they don't want that.