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Democratic Senate Leader Pushes Back Health Care Vote

Senate Leader, Harry Reid, has said that a vote on health care will be pushed back past the August recess (basically until after Labor Day). That would be a relief.

The problem was that Obama was looking for a "cram down" on his health care bill, in much the same way he was looking for expedited "cram downs" in the rescues of auto companies, GM and Chrysler. These were sloppily executed actions that cured some short term problems at the cost of creating long term structural issues. Apparently, Obama likes to get things done in the "worst way" so that he can chalk up "wins."

Fortunately, cooler, more experienced Democratic hands are at work.They are going to slow down the process to make it more manageable. Moreover, Democrats typically have multiple constituencies.That is, they have to craft bills to satisfy some interest groups without offending others. Republicans tend to be more uniform in this respect.

We need well thought out, carefully crafted health care reform, not a rush job. Fortunately Congress is trying to give us that. Balance of power is at work.