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Congress "Wising Up" on Healthcare.

Congressmen (specifically Democrats) are waking up to the weaknesses of the Obama health plan. And they are very sensitive to this fact because Congressmen are re-elected every two years. So are some Senators, on a staggered basis.

They realize that many of their constituents don't want it, any more than they wanted the Clintons' health proposal. In the long run. Americans have more immediate concerns like food, clothing, and shelter. Health is only number four.

And this is probably the wrong time to tackle health issues. Baby Boomers or not particularly concerned about health issues. Neither was FDR's similarly Idealistic "Rendezvous" (or Missionary) Generation. Medicaid and Medicare were established by (and for) the World War II generation, then on the brink of old age, who also created the Great Society. It cold be the "new World War II generation" (born in the 1980s and 1990s) who creates a new "Great Society," and finally closes the health care gap.