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Lawyers and Health Care: Two Incompatible Priorities

One reason that Obama will have trouble reforming health care is because he is a lawyer, and sympathetic to lawyers. Another reason is that many members of Congress are lawyers also. A third is that both Obama and many Congressional candidates get donations from the trial bar.

High paid lawyers and low health care costs are basically incompatitble, at least when the lawyers have their fingers in this pie. The exception the rule would be if doctors were deliberately running up patients' bills. In fact the opposite is true. Doctors run up the bills only AFTER the lawyers get involved, by practicing costly "defensive medicine" to cover their backsides. If you want low medical costs, you must give doctors the same protection as business executives get through the "business judgment rule" that basically limits litigation.

Obama says he wants lower health care costs. Obama also loves lawyers. "One or the other," said Mother. One of them is going to to be "thrown under the bus." And it won't be the lawyers.