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Can Fat People Be Expected to Rescue Obama's Health Care Plan?

One of the more hotly debated parts of the Obama health care plan is the so-called "community rating" program. That is, that health care providers can set rates based only on age, which affects everyone "equally," and geographical location (which reflect people's choices), and not much else. That is to say that insurers can't price their policies on observable factors such as pre-existing conditions, or obesity.

Another group of Obamacare care advocates, however, run counter to this policy, when they suggest that the insurance program penalize people who are fat, directly through higher rates, and indirectly through taxes on sweet drinks or fatty foods, thereby raising money at the same time.

The debate about "community care" is really about whether people mostly do have control over "non-community" factors (e.g., obesity), or do not, (e.g. asthma). If you think most of these conditions are controllable, then you don't use community ratings; otherwise you do.

This is just another illustration of the weakness of Obamacare, that there are too many different (kinds of) people with their fingers in the pie that work at cross purposes to each other.