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Do We Have Another Iranian Hostage Crisis on Our Hands?

First, two young female journalists get nabbed, somewhere along the Chinese-North Korean border. They may, for all we know, even have been on the "right" side of the border, in a part of the world where such boundaries aren't always respected.  (China has been known to chase "Turkish" dissidents all the way into neighboring countries).

Now, three Americans, two men and a woman, were arrested by the Iranians for "straying" into Iranian territory from the North. They had been coming from the Kurdish region of Turkey, or possibly Iraq, a "safe" area where fighting is concerned, but under the auspices of a minority hated by all three sovereign states. So it might have been a maneuver to embarass the Kurds, and punish the Americans for supporting them.

President Obama has been all but silent on substantive issues cerning dissidents in Iran, and that country's economic program. Now his task is complicated by the fact that this country has 3 potential American "hostages," and is the same country that just 30 years ago violated international law by holding 52 diplomats "hostage."(Yes, our memory extends for DECADES, if not CENTURIES.)

Between them, two out of the three countries of the "Axis of Evil" now have FIVE American hostages. The world is becoming a dangerous place.