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Wall Street and the Culture of Greed

As Michael Lewis might have reported, being too greedy won't get you intoa  Wall St. firm But not being greedy enough will also keep you out of it.

As Mother might have said (in a different context), "A lady wants to, but she doesn't want to want to."

You wouldn't want to arrive for an interview in a stretch limousine and a $5,000 suit. That would show up your interviewer, and possibly show a lack of dedication (because you already have it made, like Fernano Arguello, the rich Argentine in "Bonfire of the Vanities.") But you don't want to prsent yourself as a great humanitarian, either. That would show a lack of "focus," and understanding of what Wall St. is about.

Wall Streeters, by definition, are about MONEY. They work long hours, sometimes under inhuman (and occasionally immoral) conditions, for it. And they earn lots of it. In the old days, a little balance was asked for in candidates. That may have gone out the window, at least recently.