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Timothy Geithner Might Be Too Immature For Treasury Job

At least that's the impression that one gets from his use of expletives during a conference, with other top U.S. financial officials such as Sheila Bair. Apparently, we have a petulant, peevish little boy at the head of the Treasury. At least we got a glimpse of the man who has trouble doing his taxes.

Learning to "play nice" with the other kids is a skill most people learn in the sandbox. If one hasn't learned that by the time one reaches the highest levels of government, one will never learn. It's worth noting that the Treasury Secretary is something like eighth in line for the Presidency. If something happened to a plane with the top seven, Geithner would be the man with his finger "on the (nuclear) button."

Perhaps the best  clue to Enron's subsequent downfall was Jeff Skilling's "scatalogical" reference to a short-seller in public, on a conference call overheard by any number of analysts. Enron collapsed something like six months later.

Heaven help the United States if this is a similar sign here.