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Americans Trust Others To Select Appropriate Level of Health Care

Whatever else they may do, Americans seem to trust others to select the appropriate level of health care.

One quarter of America is uninsured? That's considered a rational decision, given more pressing needs e.g., (avoid foreclosure) or lack of concern (youth). People in these situations have a finite number of resources, and if health care is as low as third or fourth on the list, it not might be provided for. Only when people get to middle age (and older) and have some accumulated assets does it become topical.

Do others, particularly rich people spend a lot on health care? Some, of course, spend more than they should. But working class Pennsylvanians went to town hall meetings to protest AGAINST Obamacare, because two of the people that benefited most from the current system were Senator Arlen Specter, and former Governor Bob Casey (father of the current Senator). these are people that have a lot to "give back."

The healthcare system Obama is trying to shove a down our throats is about as popular as an unwelcome stepchild. As such, he's not likely to succeed.