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The Girl Journalists May Have Been Set Up

The two young female Asian American journalists were probably "set up." Their guide took them into a wild river region on the border of  China and North Korea, mysteriously disappeared, and has never been heard from since. Apparently he was in the pay of one government or the other, in addition to the girls. The story was corroborated by an older, male producer, who managed to escape as the girls were "arrested" by police, and also by other South Korean sources who opined that North Korea was trying to capture some journalists for use as hostages.

They were also pushed to the brink by their orders to "go to the edge, but not over." Same as many hedge fund managers. In their case, their chain of command leads (not very far) up to Al Gore.

Too many people want to take too many risks. As in the financial world. And the young bear the greatest burden when things go wrong, as they inevitably do.