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End of Life Counseling Was Just Too Scary

One feature that is being excised from Obama's health care program is end of life counselling. That was too scary, particularly to older people. Even though it was voluntary, it had the potential of becoming mandatory. And once a process like that is put in place, it is likely to develop "teeth" that weren't there originally. So people were right to reject it before it got out of hand.

A litmus test of a good law is how would it fare if ADOLF HITLER somehow got elected President. He was, in fact, elected Chancellor of Germany by more or less democratic means, before he made himself dictator. Clearly, the end of life clause of Obamacare, and perhaps Obamacare itself, fails that test.

America's founding fathers created a system of checks and balances that would rein in even the most overreaching member of the executive branch. They figured, quite reasonably, that such a person might one day become President. Germany suffered because it failed to do so.

My father, a retired engineer, once said that a bridge must be strong enough to hold the largest truck that could possibly cross it, because one day that truck will. A similar thing holds for laws and chief executives.