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Why Obama is Having A Hard Time Governing

"Those private citizens who through fortune alone become princes become so with little strain...they encounter no difficulties along the way because they soar to their position; rather all the difficulties become so when they have arrived. These are the men who are given a state because they possess money or favor." Niccolo Machievelli, "The Prince," the beginning of Chapter 7.

That, in essence, is how Obama became President of the United States. He did so on the wings of personal popularity, without either his views, his character, or his relationship with the people being tested by long experience.

"But it requires a great deal for them to maintain their standing." warned the same chapter. The testing comes after Obama gets elected. In essence, the sequence is more like "wedding, then courtship." Or, as Mom would warn against, "dessert before dinner."

Obama doesn't realize that people won't necessarily like his policies just because they like him. He will have to work harder to craft health care, financial reform, and other policies that people will like on their own merits, without how they feel for him, because only a handful of his partisans will vote for his bills no matter what. If he is unsuccessful, he will lose his power (a second term), just like anyone else.

They knew it all, 500 years (or more) ago.