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"I'll Turn Around AIG, When I Get Around to It"

This was the gist of a few statements issued by the company's new CEO. He's on a vacation in Croatia, which means he isn't working full steam, although he apparently keeps in touch with the firm by phone and email.

But he deplores the government's wanting to liquidate the company, even though it rescued AIG, effectively owns it (or should), and has every right to determine the company's fate. 

In essence, the new CEO is saying, "I don't want to see AIG liquidated, so I'll have the chance to build on it, after I get back from vacation." That's even though the company is falling apart as we speak.

If he wanted the job so badly, he should have cancelled his vacation and headed straight to the office to start turning the company around. On the other hand, if he wants to vacation while "Rome" burns, he's just acting like a government bureaucrat performing ministerial functions. As Mom used to say, "Take your pick. One or the other, but not both."

Time waits for no man, least of all, Robert Ben Mosche. Harvey Golub to the rescue.