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Extend and Pretend

When they extend, and pretend.
It brings back a time of lending so "tender."
It brings back a time of financial splendor.
When they extend and pretend.

We're with you once more,
Back in the Thirties.
It's as if the market
Were a casino.
Because the deals, they are so dirty,
When they extend and pretend.

To do it again, is past all endeavor.
Extend and pretend
Shouldn't ever be done
And it seems that we will have learned our lesson
When we promise never,
Never again.

What profits divine,
What rapture serene.
Till we realized how
Bitter were the fruits that were tasted.
And when people start to curse the wealth that was wasted.
Extend and pretend, shouldn't begin.

Tune:Begin the Beguine