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Obama Cares For Aliens

That's the message we get when the Demcrats defeated a Republican amendment to exclude 12 milion illegal aliens from the healthcare package. The outlines of his philosophy are quite clear. Obama wants as many people in the American health care system as possible. Even people that ordinarily wouldn't be entitled to it.

Illegal aliens make up more than a quarter of the uninsured. Worse yet, a "guaranteed" health care package would encourage more immigration to the United States. Extending health care to illegal aliens would worsen the problem it is purported to solve. 

Basically, Obama wants more fortunate Americans to foot the bill for those he is trying to help. That is true even though healthcare is NOT usally the most important issue for immigrants (or poor native born Americans). Jobs and housing are.

In essence, healthcare has become a "wedge" issue. If Obama can pass his health care plan, he may be able to "piggyback" other wealth redistribution measures on top of it. That is the message that we got from his handling of the automotive bankruptcy crises. Fortunately, Americans are waking up to th real implications of Obamacare.