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Obama Not Doing the Job He Was Elected to Do

That was to fix the economy. A looming economic meltdown was on the minds of most voters last fall, as they were in 1932, which is why a Democratic President won election after a long period of economic expansion presided over by mostly Republican presidents.

Obama started right by focusing on banking and financial reform. But after he got a few bills passed, such as the consumer protection act, he too his eye off the ball.

Instead, he tried to expand health care, which is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Health care is expensive, by definition. Hence reform should directed at cutting costs, like reducing Medicare eligibility, rather than raising expense, through universal health care.

On a field of battle, there is a policy called "triage" for selecting wounded men to help. Let the ones that will survive alone, let the ones that will die a lone, and concentrate on the ones where medical help may make a difference between life and death.

Our health system will survive on its own. It's our banking system that needs "triage" care.