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Charlie Rangel, Tax Hypocrite

Congressman Charlie Rangel failed to report $75,000 from rental income on a property in the Dominican Republic, $1.3 million in other income, and wrongly declared a second home to be his "primarly residence" for tax purposes. He's the last person who would want to see IRS "enforcement" stepped up, right?

Apparently not. As reported by Charles Hurt of the New York Post, he's the one who added provisions to the House 1018 page health care bill to double penalties for "tax error," and basically eliminate the defense of "honest mistake." (There's also a stepped up "self-reporting" requirement, but that's just for hard core tax avoiders.)

The IRS wouldn't even be ALLOWED to waive penalties because RANGEL won't allow them to. Now Rangel, the former "sinner" is "more royalist than the king." During the Middle Ages, a self-converted Catholic confessor in Spain named Torquemada started the SPANISH INQUISITION, and was the greatest persecutor of "his kind."

Rangel's actions smack of "I got away with it, but if YOU do what I DID, then YOU'RE going to PAY."

Charlie Rangel reminds me of a kid from junior high school, who, seeking to curry favor with a teacher, offered him a paddle he had made in shop class. According to the teacher, "He was the first to feel the effects of that paddle."