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A Rare (Political) Bird From Japan

After only 10 years or so of existence, the new Democratic Party of Japan was obtained a working majority in the Japanese Diet, or Parliament, and named a new Premier, Yukio Hatoyama.

He can to power on a slogan of "Politics Is Love." That's a rare view almost anywhere, and particularly so in Japan, which is known for its less-than-pacificistic past.

We have something of a similarly mild President in the United States. Apparently, both Japan and the U.S. have chosen leader who will follow the Beatles' injunction to "give peace a chance."

These are noble thoughts, if they work. If they are taken advantage of by an increasingly militaristic world, they are likely to give way to a "get tough" backlash.

For the time being, the implications may be that the Japanese will want to downplay her defensive alliance with the U.S. They may also seek a rapprochment with their traditional enemy, China. The American President is one who probably won't mind such moves.

If they work, great. if not, it will have to be back to the drawing board, possibly with a new set of players.