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Charlie Rangel Is A Democrat. Is A Democrat A "Charlie Rangel?"

Most Democrats we know pay their taxes. That probably includes most freshman (and sophomore) Democratic Congressmen. But after serving for a "long time" in Congress (going on forty years), one might become quite, perhaps overly "comfortable" with one's position. One of these individuals may be New York's Congressman Charlie Rangel.

The Congressional victories of 2006 took place over ethics reform. Several top Republicans had been shown to be "ethically challenged," probably the result of their being in Congress too long. The Democrats pledged to create a cleaner, more ethical Congress.

Some Democratic leaders might actually have done so. But Nancy Pelosi was probably not one of them. She staffed the chairs of key committees with people like herself; older, liberal mostly northern Democrats (in her age and political brackets), many of them formerly "underprivileged" minorities and women--like herself. One of these was Bronx's Charlie Rangel, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, who was earlier on the hook for not paying taxes, then introduced Draconian legislation against the same in the House version of the health care bill.

Given his seniority and service (including in the Korean War), Congressman Rangel might have been "THE MAN" (in a good way). Instead, he is now THE MAN (in a suspect way). Republicans hope to keep it that way. If they can make him the symbol of the Democratic party, they may well take back Congress next year.