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Lloyd Blankfein "Gets It" (Like A Russian Czar)

|Includes: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS)

Goldman Sachs' CEO, Lloyd Blankfein gets it. He really does.

For instance, he referred to "outsized discretionary compensation." But try telling that to his traders, who "generated" record profits for Goldman. And he tried to have a sense of humor about Matt Tahbi's Goldman expose, by hoping that the "over the top" piece would generate sympathy for Goldman. Problem was, while some of the allegations in the piece weren't literally true (Goldman Sachs DID NOT, as far as we know, start World War I or the Great Depression), it did benefit mightily from these events. 

He also said that Goldman Sachsers should be less ostentatious about their money. But trying telling that to his wife, Laurie, who (with another society woman), threw a temper tantrum at not getting preferential service at a charity event. All right, maybe she's not a Goldman Sachser. But she IS a Blankfein. 

The Russians had a saying:"Good Czar, evil counsellors". The meaning of that was that the plutocracy had so much "co-opted" the system that even a well meaning czar couldn't contain their depredations.

Russia's Czar Alexander II freed the serfs, and was assassinated for his efforts. Lloyd Bankfein might not be long as CEO of Goldman Sachs.