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We Finally Know What We Need to Know About Apple

The truth on Steve Jobs' condition has finally come out. It was a liver, not pancreatic, condition, that required (so far) successful surgery. That would be a material event regarding almost any CEO. (And if it isn't, why is s/he CEO?) It's particularly important in the case of Steve Jobs, who is no garden variety CEO, but rather the heart and soul of his company.

We don't need to know the gory details (e.g of whether it is the liver, pancreas, or kidney), but a sufficiently detailed announcement would have been something like the following. "Steve Jobs, our chairman, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer has a potentially life-threatening condition requiring an organ transplant. The success or failure of this organ transplant may have a material impact on the health of Mr. Jobs, which in turn, may have a material impact on the financial health of Apple Computer."

ABsent such "guidance," there can be all sorts of rumors that make things seem WORSE than they actually are. Some private matters need to be discussed with shareholders for them to make an informed choice. This is one of them.