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"ACORN" Turns Out to Be a "Rotten Apple"

One reason homeowners are in trouble is that some of them have been getting their advice from a leftist group called ACORN.

Take the case of a twenty-something "couple" posing as a call girl and her "handler" (to clean up the language a bit). After describing a shady "nighttime" business purportedly involving girls as young as 13 from El Salvador, the youngsters were counselled by ACORN staffers not to divulge the real purpose of the house they planned to rent. They were also given tax advice to report only a fraction of their income, after burying the majority of the cash in the back yard. And they were told that further tax savings were available by claiming three of the sub-16 year old "children" as dependents; as if two people in their early 20s would have offspring that age.

All this was caught on hidden camera and tape. The staffers involved were fired, but more importantly, Congress voted to cut off funding to ACORN, and the census bureau will no longer use them to reach out to "hard to get" residents. And some district attorneys have launched criminal probes into an organization that has from time to time been accused of "trafficking" in illegal immigrants, although not to this degree.

It's too bad, because ACORN was, in fact, a conduit for housing subsidies to the poor. But its "other" (some purportedly illegal) activities have basically rendered it useless as an arm of the government.