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Bernie Madoff Earns Some Badly Needed Prison "Cred'

Convicted Wall St. scamster Bernie Madoff reportedly "beat up" on a fellow prisoner over the weekend. That's a "good thing," where he's at, prison.

The two men apparently got into an argument over one of Bernie's favorite topics.: the stock market. That was certainly enough to get Bernie going. By defeating the other man, Madoff demonstrated a show of strength, sent a message of "don't mess with me," and thereby earned prison "cred"(ibility). Others will now think twice before taking him on.

Before starting to serve his time, Madoff had hired an expert to steep him on prison culture."  First class travel" all the way, even going to jail. But he sure belongs where he is.

The other man was a bit younger than Bernie, was taken aback by his ferocity, and retreated from the fray, tail between his legs.

Such a person usually becomes another innate's "girlfriend," behind bars.