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Your Health Insurance or Your Job

That is the cruel choice that many workers will face if the new health bill goes through.

Large concerns get "subsidized" health care through the tax code. The same code already punishes small firms, and will do so further if the new health legislation is passed. But it's the small companies that create new jobs, and do what little hiring is done here. In the large companies, greedy CEOs get rich by laying off workers (and collecting part of their paychecks).

So what must we do in this case? We need to help the small companies, by not putting health care burdens on them that they can't afford. We need to create the maximum number of jobs, at all costs, to get the economy moving again. Health insurance can wait.

As for how yours truly feels in that forced choice? In this echo of "your money or your life, the job is your life and comes first. Health insurance is secondary because it is only "money.".